We believe people are the greatest source of cyber strength.

Many cyber attackers think that people are your weakest link. But we know that your people—aware, knowledgable, and motivated—can be your organization’s greatest source of cyber strength.

With Knowcyber’s concise, practical training, your people learn more, faster. They retain what they learn, enjoy putting it to work, and want to learn more.

Your organization’s cyber risk is reduced because your people think and act differently.


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Creating cybersecurity through learning

Our courses give your people the cybersecurity knowledge they need.

We provide the latest technologies and best practices in learning and development.

We design anytime, anywhere training programs that engage and energize today’s workforce. Your people learn new behaviors quickly, and put them to work immediately.

We bring you the latest and best thinking in cybersecurity.

Our programs keep you at the forefront. As the cyber universe evolves constantly, our thought leaders provide expert perspective on cybersecurity developments as they happen. We draw on their insights continually to refresh our programs and develop new ones.


Concise & Convenient

Learning modules that can be completed when, where, and how people want to learn—on mobile phones, tablets, or computers


Timely & Authoritative

Current perspectives from America’s cybersecurity thought leaders, updated regularly to reflect new developments


Rigorous & Engaging

Expert instructional design, rich media mix, and meaningful interactivity to keep learners involved and maximize their learning time

Learning excellence and cybersecurity expertise

We are a learning company with deep cybersecurity know-how.

As a learning company, KnowCyber is led by professionals who know how people learn best. We are passionate about helping people at all levels of your organization master and apply new knowledge and skills.

Through our advisory board’s unparalleled cybersecurity expertise, we bring your organization the latest and best thinking on cyber threats and how to counter them.

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